Pretty Little Liars season finale: So, so disappointing



Once again, I am let down by a Pretty Little Liars finale. The big reveals are always hyped for weeks in advance which means our expectation levels are high and we are disappointed by how our questions aren’t really answered and instead we are given more confusing information.

This happened again with Welcome to the Dollhouse, and I feel cheated as this was supposed to be the ‘big A Reveal’ so I prepared myself for a massive game changer that would completely transform a good character we already know into a villain. The fact they introduced a completely new person felt like a cop out, like the showrunners were scared to ruin the reputation of a decent character by making them the proper A. As they have pitched this as the true A reveal, they couldn’t back out like they did with Ezra and Toby. Those were bombshells at the time but fizzled out soon after, whereas I’m hoping this instance is the other way around.


As we now know, ‘Charles’ is the true A. It is assumed he is a DiLaurentis and Jason’s brother (perhaps a twin?) and therefore Mr. Hastings’ son, but we haven’t actually been told any of that. This revelation barely provoked a reaction because we weren’t given anything more – no how, why, when and what he even freaking’ looks like. I had hoped they would move away from the novel series but it seems they’ve come back to the twin twist, but this time it’s Jason’s not Alison’s.

When Spencer uncovered the name Charles I expected it to be another false lead and even when they called him out at the fake prom (what was that about by the way?!) I didn’t think they were on the right track. It wasn’t until Spencer discovered the vault and watched the video footage I had to accept Charles was the actual A. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I wanted an unmasking moment. I was waiting for someone we knew to be involved right up to the very end but they didn’t. I didn’t consider this when I was watching but creator Marlene King hinted that Charles IS someone we have known for ages and we will find out soon. But why couldn’t it be revealed in the finale???


If the reveal hadn’t been hyped, I would have loved the episode. It was scary, ambitious and different from anything we’ve seen before. The van hijacking was awesome and I liked the prison in the middle of nowhere idea but the dollhouse set-up seemed way too elaborate. What I enjoyed the most was the return of Mona – she’s not dead!! Woohoo. My friends suggested this idea but I didn’t see how it could be true as we saw her body. I liked that she is still clever and ballsy despite being held captive there and forced to be Alison for months.

Of course, more questions were created including: Was this all part of Mona’s elaborate plan to find A? Why was Andrew snooping on the Hastings’ phone call? What were they talking to Melissa about? And most importantly – who the hell is Charles and why is he A? I cannot wait for the next season which is supposed to be all about the answers.

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