Goodbye to Glee: Thoughts on the finale


I’ve finally managed to watch the last two episodes of Glee EVER. I had been ready for the end for a while and since about season four, I had been saying it should end soon so I’m glad they decided to end it before it got too ridiculous (it was certainly heading that way!) and the ending was perfect. Usually, when a show I love ends I find many things wrong with it but it was brilliant – the future lives of the Glee club made sense, the dedication to Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith brought me to tears and the future for Will Schuester and New Directions was sweet too.

The flashback episode was a genius idea because it showed a different perspective on the pilot and how far they have come since. The main purpose of the episode was to show how Glee club changed their lives and helped them achieve their dreams. I liked seeing the main five – Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Artie (obviously Finn was missing) – looking how they did back in 2009 in the beginning and how they used to think about each other at the start. The use of the old Don’t Stop Believin’ fit in seamlessly and seeing it again with Finn/Cory made me quite emotional.



I liked that in “Dreams Come True” they didn’t focus on the nationals. New Directions were clearly going to win, so it would have been a waste of time. Plus, we have seen so many sectionals etc that it would have been a boring way to spend the finale. I loved that Will is made headteacher – he would be perfect for that job. The cast were so emotional during his song in the choir room as he unveils three glee clubs for William McKinley High. I’m not usually a fan of flashforwards in finales (especially after How I Met Your Mother) but this five years jump made sense, it was easy to understand their journey and everybody’s storylines had been thought through properly.

Sue is Vice President, no big surprise, Kurt and Blaine are going to be dads (though I didn’t like Rachel being the surrogate, I simply could not imagine her doing that), Tina and Artie are together and making a movie. Sam is the New Directions teacher, Mercedes is on tour and Rachel is married to Jesse St. James – the best partner for her after Finn. I just wish we had seen more of Santana and Brittany in this episode – I loved these two so I would have liked to have known what they are up to.



I really enjoyed Kurt and Blaine’s rendition of Daydream Believer and their new, adult hair! Rachel’s original song, This Time (written by Darren Criss), was beautiful because it said everything Rachel would say about Glee club, and what the cast want to say about leaving the show. I wasn’t blown away by the last ever number – I Lived by OneRepublic – but it was nice to see all the old faces back (though I couldn’t see Marley?!)

Rachel’s Tony Award winning speech brought tears to my eyes as did Sue Sylvester’s speech as she unveiled the Finn Hudson auditorium. The ending shot of the plaque made me so happy/sad.  In all, it was perfect. Besides a few minor gripes, it did verge on being preachy about self-acceptance and it really hammered home how Glee club helped them. But it was beautiful, it tied the show up perfectly and was a brilliant balance between happy and sad.


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