Goodbye to Glee: The Best Bits


Glee comes to an end with a double-bill on Friday night and although I haven’t been loving it for a while, I’m still a bit sad. A lot has happened in those six seasons and this is a show I used to really, really enjoy. I’m happy they are ending it now as they are running out of steam – in fact, I would have been happy with them leaving it at the end of season five – BUT the end is nigh so rather than talking negatively about the show, I am going to celebrate it with my list of highlights:

1. Finn and Rachel’s romance – it really was the centre of the show for a long time and very enjoyable to watch

2. The first ever sectionals – before the repetition of sectionals/regionals/nationals made it boring, these episodes were really special. I remember Rachel singing Don’t Rain on My Parade and have loved that version ever since.

3. Madonna and Britney weeks and the mash-ups – there have been some brilliant songs on the show and it is really hard to pick a favourite. I can’t do it, and I won’t do it. When the mash-ups of Glee were introduced, I liked them a lot and Madonna and Britney weeks definitely stand out.

4. Loser Like Me – this was one of the Glee club’s first attempts at original songwriting and I enjoy this song so much. I still listen to it now.

5. The Rocky Horror Show – when New Directions put on the musical – cue great songs, great costumes, Sam in tiny gold shorts (hello Sam!) and Emma Pillsbury singing Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me (genius). (S2E05)

6. When they get drunk – I rewound this scene so much I can still picture in my mind now. Early on the show, Rachel holds a party in the basement of her house to seem cool but she doesn’t get in alcohol. The party sucks so they got on the booze and the montage that follows (soundtracked by Like A G6) is brilliant. Episode: Blame It on the Alcohol (S2,E14).

7. New York – I actually preferred the New York stuff to the Ohio stuff towards the end and would have been perfectly happy with season six being solely set there. I loved the set-up of Rachel and Kurt living together with frequent house guests include Blaine, Santana and Sam

8. The Quarterback – the most emotional episode of Glee ever. After Cory Monteith died, the show had a break and came back with the perfect episode dedicated to him as his character Finn dies in the show. It was beautiful and I got choked up as soon as Lea Michele came onscreen. (S5E03)

9. Pop culture references – I loved the witty dialogue in the show and how it always stayed current and on top of contemporary culture. Take this Harlem Shake scene:

10. The putdowns of Santana Lopez and Sue Sylvester – these two had some brilliant mean, mean lines and the delivery of them was simply perfect.

11. Rachel Berry – yes, she can be incredibly annoying and self-centred but at the end of the day, you want her to succeed and be a Broadway star. She will be missed.


What are your favourite Glee moments? Post them below!


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