Shailene Woodley and Theo James: Insurgent Q&A


Tonight Theo James and Shailene Woodley came to London’s Apple Store for a Q&A about the latest Divergent film Insurgent. The crowd packed into the store was HUUUGE and mainly full of screaming girls. I was nowhere near the front, hence the crap picture!

The pair did the same event last year (read about it here) and that was probably more exciting as they were more enthusiastic and fun. That’s not to say they were terrible, but I could almost feel they were fed up of repeating the same answers all day.

Theo was fun and jokey and Shailene was sweet but both took a while to get comfy and chatty. In the beginning, moderator Craig Stevens really struggled to get them to talk and it was quite a stunted conversation. Thank God they eventually eased into the situation and became chatty. I think Theo definitely helped make Shailene more talkative.

Although they were nice, they didn’t say much that was super interesting about the movie. Here are noteworthy comments:

– Shailene had around five stunt doubles and all the stunts were done by actual people, not CGI (I’m not convinced about this, judging by the trailer). They used a hydraulic lift that could tilt in all directions, so they could slide, dive and climb all on the same device.

– The cast prepared for Divergent by attending a bootcamp to get prepare for the physical side of the role, this time they all undertook training separately

– Theo thought he would have some help staging the stunt where he jumps over traintracks with milliseconds to spare but he had no assistance and had to complete the massive leap on his own. Luckily, the train was CGI’d in later

– Shailene preferred working on Insurgent because filming took place in Atlanta over summer whereas Divergent was shot in Chicago in winter, and Californian Shai was very cold.


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