Awards reaction: Boyhood snub and other worthy winners


Last night’s Oscars ended a very long season of film awards and so, with this in mind, I decided to look back over the big winners/losers of this year’s award season and air my grievances.

Boyhood: It won best film and and best director for Richard Linklater in the previous major awards shows so it was a huge shock that Birdman beat it to the post. While I liked both films, Boyhood was so powerful and such a beautiful labour of love project that I feel Linklater should have at least got the director prize.

Birdman: I watched this before came the nominations were announced and I never once thought it would be a Best Picture winner. You know you normally get “buzz” about a film, but in this case, I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted Edward Norton and Emma Stone to be nominated (which they did), but I didn’t think Keaton’s acting was particularly brilliant (definitely no better than Eddie Redmayne – woohoo!) or the film itself should get the big prize. I’m very glad the cinematographer got the award as it is stylistically amazing.



The Imitation Game: This got virtually nothing except Best Adapted Screenplay last night (how good was Graham Moore’s speech!?) and that is sad because it is such a great film. Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible. It’s just a shame he was up against Eddie, who I have championed winning best actor since seeing The Theory of Everything. I didn’t expect Keira Knightley to even get a nomination, so I can’t comment on that score.

Felicity Jones: She was SO, SO good in The Theory of Everything and I was crossing my fingers for her to get a nomination and thankfully she did. I just wish she had won an award somewhere over Julianne Moore (who was incredible in Still Alice, by the way). Maybe not an Oscar, but a little independent/critics circle ceremony would have been nice.



Jennifer Aniston: Everyone was moaning about her being snubbed of an the Oscar nomination for her performance in Cake. I have since seen the movie and I agree that she wasn’t deserving. Yes, she did something different and shunned her regular glam appearance for scars and a baggy cardigan – but that does not make her performance Oscar worthy. Review can be read here.

Foxcatcher: I was so mad that Bennett Miller was nominated for Foxcatcher. The performances of Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo were worthy, yes, but the direction, no way. The pacing was off, consequently making an interesting real-life story a very, very dull movie. Read my review here.

American Sniper: It got nominated way more than I expected. I never thought it would get a nod for Best Picture or Bradley Cooper for Best Actor. So I’m very happy it didn’t win.


In general, I am happy with the main acting winners – those four acting prizes went to the most deserving wins, I’m just gutted there wasn’t space for Felicity and Benedict too. Boyhood had more impact on me than Birdman so I wish it had scooped more at the Oscars, but it did well over the entire awards season so I can’t moan too much.

What did you think about the winners/losers?

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