Predestination: Film Review


Predestination is one hell of a complex time travel movie and one which doesn’t make an awful lot of sense. Trying to rationalise and make it logical is futile because the logic simply isn’t there. Being a person who likes clear explanations for everything, I was surprised that I still enjoyed it regardless.

Ethan Hawke is a temporal agent who is sent back in time for one last mission before his retirement for one last attempt at catching ‘The Fizzle Bomber’, who is set to blow up a large chunk of New York in 1975. This mission leads him working undercover in a bar where he meets a man named John (Sarah Snook) and things start to go crazy. If I say more I could give it all away, so I won’t but its hella confusing and I don’t know how to describe the subsequent storyline anyway.


There is no logical explanation for the events that take place but despite that I found it gripping. Perhaps it was me desperately concentrating in the hope it will all fall into place, but I believe it is down to Sarah Snook, an actress I have never heard of before and will certainly be paying attention to from now on. She plays dual male and female roles and is equally convincing in both. Her performance is amazing and although Hawke is the star name leading the movie, this is Snook’s story, for sure. She is the heart and our way of understanding Hawke’s world and you are hooked on her story immediately.

That is until the ‘paradox’ is revealed and you are like ‘what the fuuuck?’ and wait for the penny to drop, but it doesn’t because more paradoxes seem to be emerging and it is struggle to make sense of where the story is supposed to actually end or begin. I had a massive research on this movie afterwards and I don’t believe anyone has solved it – and that’s simply because the story will fall down if you try to pick it apart. Hawke describes the paradox as “a snake forever eating its own tail” and that’s a good way to describe it.


So if you are looking for a film that ends in a nice tidy bow, this is not for you. I was left reeling afterwards and I lay thinking about the different threads, still fruitlessly trying to rationalise. If you like your time travel and want a thinker, this will be perfect.

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