Cake: Film Review


I had to see Cake to find out if Jennifer Aniston’s performance is worthy of award nominations and the shock at her Oscars ‘snub’. While it is certainly a different role – everyone will notice she’s shunned the make-up and high maintenance appearance – it didn’t really stand out to me and the film itself is incredibly boring and depressing.

Aniston stars as Claire, a woman suffering from chronic pain. She becomes obsessed with the suicide of Nina (Anna Kendrick) from her support group, and befriends Nina’s husband (Sam Worthington) and their son.

The plot is paper thin (I would argue there isn’t one) and not much happens besides Claire moaning about this and that. I understand she is in chronic pain and that would make you grumpy all the time, but it was so hard to sympathise or get Claire and this means you aren’t involved in her story. When she attempts suicide, you simply don’t care. She is so miserable and selfish. Why does she need to befriend Nina’s husband? Why does he let her? Nothing makes much sense, because nothing is really explained. You know she had an accident of some sort and her child died, but that’s it. You don’t know any of Claire’s back story and all the present focuses on is how shit her life is and where she can get more painkillers from.


Sure, Jennifer was an interesting choice for Claire because you don’t associate her with dramatic roles. She also looks very different from how we usually see her – with added scars for good measure – but that doesn’t mean it is nomination worthy. I am not shocked she was snubbed for the Oscars. Her performance was good, but it didn’t elevate the movie and transform it into a riveting watch. It was boring, tiresome and dull.

Released Friday 20th February 


  1. […] Jennifer Aniston: Everyone was moaning about her being snubbed of an the Oscar nomination for her performance in Cake. I have since seen the movie and I agree that she wasn’t deserving. Yes, she did something different and shunned her regular glam appearance for scars and a baggy cardigan – but that does not make her performance Oscar worthy. Review can be read here. […]


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