Luke Bracey discusses Point Break reboot

Luke Bracey

You may not be fully aware of Luke Bracey right now – but you soon will be. The Australian actor landed his first role in Home and Away (surprise surprise) before he moved to LA to launch a film career. He has had a steady string of hits over the last couple of years, from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The November Man and The Best of Me but is set to become world-famous in December this year, when the reboot of cult classic Point Break is released (its original summer release date was pushed back) with him in the starring role of Johnny Utah.

I spoke to Luke over the phone from LA and he was so lovely and charming, despite a number of technical difficulties on my end. He really is a nice guy and we talked about a variety of subjects including his physical preparation for the role, visiting Australia and if he got to put his own surfing skills to practice.


Do you get to do any of your own surfing on camera?

Well, the waves we got were about 30 foot at the most dangerous surf break in the world and even though I have been surfing since before I could walk, there’s a level of expertise and training that I wasn’t able to undertake to take on those waves… I got to tow out on the board and go out to where they actually catch the waves. I wasn’t allowed to catch a wave. We still had maybe two-three months of filming left.

I would have loved to, (but) there’s an element of respect you have to have towards not only the surfers’ themselves but the wave itself and how dangerous and serious that thing is. It would have been amazing if it had been on the last day of the movie and we had nothing else to film, I might have snuck off and tried to get a wave but there were some responsibilities that were bigger than me wanting to surf… but I would have loved to.

How did you physically prepare for the role?

I ate very well and I trained very hard. I didn’t drink beer for about a month and a bit. Or any alcohol, which is always a pretty tough bit about getting into shape, you want to watch a game of rugby and have a beer but there’s small sacrifices you’ve got to make. I did a lot of rock climbing training, we had pretty good rock climbing sequence, so I had to do a lot of training for that, there’s a skateboarding sequence, I got to do some skateboarding in that… which was great, so I did a bit of training in that way.

For me, it was just about getting my body ready and prepared and in the right shape to take on seven months of work, I can’t get sick in seven months, I have to look the same for seven months, so for me it was just getting in a nice routine… I probably had to get in the best shape of my life for this movie. I really enjoyed that part of it actually. Not only the working, but you finish 13-14 hours of work and get back to the hotel and you got to the gym for an hour – it’s mental training more than anything I find. You’ve really got to be disciplined and prepare to make some sacrifices. I enjoyed that aspect of it as well – that’s such as challenge for me.



What was your initial reaction learning got the leading role in Point Break?

It was actually a little subdued… I didn’t jump up and scream. I got the call from my agent and out of any movie that I’ve auditioned for or ever been up for, this was the one I wanted more than ever and so when I finally got it, there was kind of a quiet moment where I sat on my haunches and took deep breaths and then told my friend who was standing next to me. She said ‘What happened?’ and I just said, ‘I’m Johnny Utah’ and we high-fived, had a laugh and opened a beer.

Do you get to visit home in Australia much?

I just got back from Australia actually… I went back for six weeks to enjoy the summer, see my family and my friends and just have a break because I did The Best of Me from about February through May and then I had about three/four weeks before I started filming Point Break so 2014 was a lot of work and not too much play for me so I went down to Australia for the summer and had six weeks of play for sure. I sat on the beach and drink some beers and caught up with friends and family. It was a well-earned break I think…

I get to go home every December and January… For me, every year I look forward to it from about October/November, I get a bit itchy wanting to go for a surf and sit in the sunshine. It’s a really nice end to a year and start to a year. I always feel like a new person when I’ve been back at home so I’ll always go back to Australia. Eventually I want to live there and move back there when I have a family in many, many, many, many years to come. Hopefully I’ll get to spend that time in beautiful Australia.


The Best of Me is available on Blu-ray and DVD in the U.K. this week. 


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