Kingsman: The Secret Service Review


Kingsman: The Secret Service was bloody brilliant. I cannot gush about it enough. There is not one aspect about it I did not like – it had likeable characters, laugh-out-loud humour, super slick action sequences and eye candy. It ticks of all my boxes, which was a massive surprise as the trailer had left me feeling pretty dubious about the whole thing.

Colin Firth is Harry, a veteran gentleman spy, who recruits an unrefined street kid Eggsy (Taron Egerton) onto the Kingsman team, which generally only takes on upper-class men. Eggsy must go through a rigorous training program to become a fully-fledged member of the service, which is trying to tackle a global threat from entrepreneur Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson).


If these three actors weren’t involved, the film would remarkably different. They all bring so much to the table. Firstly, brilliant choice to cast Firth because this is not a role you would associate with him at all – you always expect romcoms or period pieces, but here he is clearly relishing in the change of pace and being able to show off his newly-acquired fighting skills. I watched a few fight sequence thinking ‘Holy crap, I can’t believe this is Colin Firth’ but he was amazing.

Secondly, Egerton is a relative newcomer but I couldn’t image anyone else in the part. His common accent was perfect as well as his ‘chav’ mannerisms and swagger and his charm and charisma jumped off the screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off him – it helps he’s attractive. The delivery of some lines, plus the cheeky winks just had me smiling the whole time. Jackson was great, I loved his look and speech, but his reason for destroying the world seemed pretty flimsy.


You can tell it’s by the man behind Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn, because the fight scenes employ the same super slick and speedy moves plus a huge dollop of bloody violence. The first time we see Firth’s fight moves and the massive massacre scene inside a church are highlights, plus some of Eggsy’s training scenes. The movie is over two hours but it does feel long. I enjoyed it all.

This is the first time in a long while where I’ve come away from the cinema, thinking ‘that was bloody brilliant’ without negating it by finding faults. People have said it’s a tad sexist towards the end, but that did not bother me whatsoever and it was all in good humour. I think I loved it so much because my expectations were so low. Firth was a delight and Egerton, well, let’s say I’ll be very aware of him in the future!



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