Big Hero 6: Film Review


I had no idea what this movie was about until it opened in America at the end of last year to huge numbers. It is clear to see why. This is the first time Disney have used Marvel ideas as a basis for a movie and it certainly paid off. I didn’t think they could top their last animated feature Frozen but they managed to make a movie just as exciting and fun (even though it doesn’t have musical numbers or a talking snowman).

It stars Hiro, a teenage robotics genius who applies for a place at his brother’s prestigious Silicon Valley-style tech university but things go wrong after his presentation and Hiro’s invention vanishes. That is until it reappears in the hands of a masked villain, who uses it to wreak revenge. Hiro and his brother’s loveable inflatable robot Baymax team up with fellow techies to take on the bad guy.


Baymax is the best thing about this movie. He is the cause of most of the gags and he is just so loveable. He was invented as a healthcare assistant and his programming is limited which certainly helps with the laughs, especially when Hiro tries to turn him into a warrior. I went to see this by myself in a screening filled with children and they clearly loved him. His likeability is on par with Olaf from Frozen – think of the merchandising possibilities!

Besides that, my favourite aspect was the setting – San Fransokyo – a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo – and the way the two cities are melded together look amazing. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius. I also enjoyed the various inventions the team make and how they use them to become superheroes.


Although this is mainly for the laughs, and it does dabble in the slapstick, it is incredibly heartbreaking as well. I won’t give too much away but there are a couple of deaths which were really sad. This movie was great at handling the ups and downs and happy with sad. We see the world through Hiro’s eyes and the children learn moral lessons when he does (standard Disney).

I really can’t praise this enough. Although it is stereotypical superhero movie in that the ultimate outcome is defeating the bad guy, it offers so much more. The script is witty if a tad sentimental, the action can be pretty dark at times, the music is spot-on and it is hilarious. I now want my own Baymax.

Released Friday


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