Jeremy Irvine: Apple Store Q&A


War Horse star Jeremy Irvine was joined by his co-star Phoebe Fox to chat about their upcoming horror sequel The Woman in Black: Angel of Death at London’s Apple Store on Tuesday.

The action returns to same location of the 2012 Daniel Radcliffe movie and the new characters are plagued by the same spooky Woman in Black.

I did not know who Phoebe was but she was great – warm, funny and articulate – and Jeremy seemed just as nice although more awkward and unsure of his answers. However, he was so brilliant with the fans. Usually the celebs just leave immediately after the session but he hung out and signed and took selfies for so many people. When I left, he was still doing it and he even chatted with each person as he went. What a sweetie!

Here are a few cool facts I learned about the movie:

– Jeremy would make deliberately scare Phoebe on set and the director would hide in cupboards to jump at her.

– Jeremy doesn’t believe in the supernatural but horror movies give him nightmares. He had nightmares about the 2012 Woman in Black movie while filming this

– The scariest filming location was inside an old underground children’s prison

– Jeremy found that acting scared is the most exhausting as opposed to other emotions

– Jeremy chose the project because he loved the script and character development and because he got to ride a motorbike. They used a vintage World War II bike and he used to ride it in between takes rather than sit in his trailer

– Two of the children came down sick and couldn’t stop vomiting so they were replaced by dwarves for some scenes.

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