Exodus: Gods and Kings World Premiere


The stars of the latest Biblical epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings, headed to London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday night to unveil their movie for the world premiere. Sadly, I didn’t get close to Christian Bale or Ridley Scott but Sir Ben Kingsley came over for a chat, as did Joel Edgerton (plus I got a ticket to the see the movie!)

All the men seemed pretty reluctant and awkward on the red carpet. Christian was terrible at eye contact and rather quiet, but once he speaks, he is actually really funny. I could just feel that he hates this kind of event. He kept looking at the floor and at his wife Sibi. He had incredibly long hair and his accent was more common that I expected.


Joel was a bit goofy and he clearly isn’t used to all the media attention just yet. He seemed to be taking it all his stride but stumbled over his sentences and was at a loss for answers occasionally. But I’m a sucker for an Australian accent and I thought he was fab. I was nervous about Ben but he was fine, very professional but Ridley seemed a bit on the frosty side (maybe because of the protesters?) None of the men made much effort to sign for the fans on the main bulk of the carpet – they just did loads as they got out of the car and then enthusiasm petered out.


I headed in to watch the movie and Christian’s humour really shone through during his introduction. I’m glad I got to go inside simply for this privilege – I was hearing him speak!! He had good banter with Ridley and was obviously chummy with Joel.

The movie was not great – I’m never a huge fan of biblical epics so my expectations were low. It was not terrible but it was also rather forgettable. I’ll be writing a review on that later, so check back.


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