Horrible Bosses 2: World Premiere


Tonight, the stars of Horrible Bosses 2 headed to London for the world premiere. The three guys (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) are back, but this time they are trying to be their own bosses but their investments are scuppered when the buyer (Christoph) bails on his order. So, naturally, they decide to kidnap his son (Chris Pine) to get their money back.

The three main dudes came to the premiere and they were lovely – so well-mannered, articulate and funny. Bateman seems pretty sensible, Sudeikis a total joker and charmer and Charlie is just adorable – so not THAT different from their characters in the movie.

Sudeikis brought along fiancee Olivia Wilde who was totally STUNNING. Omg, so gorgeous. She didn’t do any press but she did pose for photographs with Jason and they kept cupping each other butts to get the audience laughing. I can’t believe she only gave birth in April!

Jennifer Aniston came along too and she was nice but not as personable as the guys. She gave pretty stock answers – I didn’t consider any of her replies interesting – and we also weren’t allowed to take pictures of her while we were chatting. I’ve never received that request before.

Anyway, here are my (questionable) pictures and a chat with Charlie Day.


Jason Sudeikis


Jennifer Aniston



Jason Bateman 


Olivia Wilde 


Charlie Day 


Charlie, how did you keep a straight face?

I didn’t! I laughed a lot and they were able to cut around it.

What is it like being bossed around by Jennifer Aniston?

It is wonderful. I was jealous I didn’t get to have it as much as in the first movie but hopefully in the third movie she really harasses me… It’s a reality I know will never exist in my life so I get to live out a fantasy in the movies.


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