Fury: Film Festival Press Conference


So on Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the London Film Festival press conference for the closing film Fury. It stars Brad Pitt (in the middle of the panel) as Wardaddy, the leader of a five men manning a tank during World War II. All in attendance (from L-R) were: director David Ayer, Michael Pena, Brad, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal.

The guys have been doing a lot of press at the moment and the last three looked shattered. Logan in particularly looked in need of a good night’s sleep. Michael did not say much, neither did Shia, but luckily most questions were aimed at Brad and David, who handled them like pros. I found Shia a bit odd. I had the clearest view of him and he kept giggling to himself, like he had a memory that was incredibly funny. He whispered to Jon a few times which I thought was a bit rude. I don’t know what was entertaining him, but he was chuckling a lot.

What I learned from the question and answer session:

– Brad and Logan had a weird distant relationship on set because of the nature of their character’s relationship

– The guys began rehearsing and enduring ‘bootcamp’ three months before the camera started rolling

– Michael says David (director) is a taskmaster and a pain in the ass to work for. The two previously worked together on End of Watch and David wrote the part of Gordo with Michael in mind.

– Logan says this was the hardest project he has ever done and it was the most he had ever committed himself

– Shia called the film the “most rewarding, incredible experience in my life”

– There were logistical difficulties shooting inside a tank and David was exasperated by how long it took to light the tank with mini LED lights

– The guys were so uncomfortable in the tank to begin with but they learned to find comfort because they spent so long in it. It got to the stage where Brad actually stayed in it when the others headed back to their trailers. He was there consistently to make it feel like home, like actual soldiers would have done

– Brad says it was due to “cocked-up” scheduling that he and wife Angelina Jolie were shooting films at the same time. Jolie was directing Unbroken, which is also a World War II movie and he said it was “good fun” chatting to each other about the projects

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