Ansel Elgort: Men, Women & Children Q&A


On Friday, Kaitlyn Dever, Ansel Elgort and director Jason Reitman came to the Apple Store to talk about their new movie Men, Women & Children, which showed at the London Film Festival (LFF) earlier in the week. It looks into the friendships and relationships between many different strands of people centred around a high school in Texas and also features Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler and Judy Greer.

I know Ansel has become super popular since starring in The Fault in Our Stars but I was astounded by how many screaming fangirls they were for him. They were vicious. Some where arguing about being let in. They kept screaming over everything he said and shouting out information about him, which was a bit creepy. I felt sorry for Jason and Kaitlyn because all attention was Ansel, but he dealt with it really well. In fact, I think he enjoys it a lot but I just hoped it hasn’t made his ego too big. I think at the moment, he is still a nice guy and very confident but it wouldn’t surprised me if he became cocky/arrogant.

Anyway, they did not have THAT many interesting facts to say but it was interesting hearing them talk about the film and their thoughts on the Internet and how it has transformed our lives (for better or worse). Also Ansel knows how to work the room with his eyes – he was constantly looking at the audience, giving them smiles and winks and it is effective. He looked directly at me and I blushed like a loser.

A funny moment happened when Jason and Ansel were debating the pros and cons of using books to reading material online and Ansel mockingly asked ‘wanna fight?!’ and he got up and pretended to gear up for a fight. He then dropped the mic like Chris Rock and broke it! It had to be replaced. Needless to say, the fans went wild. I also enjoyed his Marlon Brando impression, but I think that went over the heads of most of the audience.

This was a really enjoyable Q&A because there was so much audience participation and nobody was taking it too seriously. They also seemed to have fun and it was the loudest and biggest crowd I have ever seen in the store. Ansel has one hell of a fanbase.



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