Hugh Grant: The Rewrite Q&A


Hugh Grant came to the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street on Friday and had a chat with Edith Bowman about his new romantic comedy/drama The Rewrite, which co-stars Marisa Tomei. It looks pretty much like the films he has done before (especially Music & Lyrics) so I’m not particularly bothered about it, but I still had to go see Hugh in person!

I get the impression he is not happy doing press because he hasn’t had to promote anything since 2009’s Did You Hear About The Morgans? He was funny in a deadpan, sarcastic way but was quite awkward because he really makes the interviewer work for any answers. They whizzed through Edith’s answers pretty quickly and I think that’s because he just can’t be bothered to formulate an elaborate response. However, he is very honest in a refreshing way because he doesn’t big himself up, he doesn’t think he’s a great actor and he makes it clear he doesn’t like all the trappings of celebrity.

Here are few fun facts I learned from Hugh:

– He is a pain on film sets because he interferes with all aspects of the filmmaking process, right down to marketing.

– Marisa is a total method actor who spend nine months preparing for the role, leaving the director reams of notes about her character and all Hugh did was turn up

– They had to shoot their meeting scene 17 times because it was outdoors and they needed it to be grey and cloudy but the sun kept making an appearance

– His dance as the Prime Minister in Love, Actually was real and not choreographed at all. He says he is always criticised for his awful dancing skills.

– He had dance lessons for Music & Lyrics with Britney Spears’ choreographer but it just did not work. He was too stiff and embarrassed, so in the end, he just came up with something himself and improvised as he went along

– He would not repeat an experience like Cloud Atlas. He plays a variety of characters but for the cannibal, he had to wear a lot of make-up and he could not stand the lengthy process. He also felt uncomfortable playing the part because he had not prepare for how to act like a cannibal and it was not until he was in full make-up, ready to shoot, that he realised he had no idea what he was doing

– He still gets nervous on day one of a shoot and says most of the material filmed that day as to be thrown out because he is so terrible. He adds that he sweats so profusely, it shows up through his costume!

– If he hadn’t dropped lucky with acting, he would have studied a masters degree in art history

– Looking back, the film he is most fond of is About A Boy

– He recently got into motor racing after buying a fancy sportscar but he isn’t any good at it. He took lessons but in the three races he’s done, he came last or second to last

– He conceded that he had ‘made some stinkers’ but would not be specific.

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