Love, Rosie U.K. premiere

love rosie

So the stars of Love, Rosie stepped on the red carpet in London for the U.K. premiere of the rom-com starring Lily Collins and Sam Clafin. They play two best friends who think perhaps they should be romantically involved but before they can wonder much more he jets off to university in America and she falls pregnant and many life hurdles are thrown in their way.

Sadly, due to the dismal weather and the stars turning up late, we didn’t get to see them all – especially Sam and model Suki Waterhouse (who is dating Bradley Cooper). I barely saw them at all, which is a shame because I have seen Sam at premieres as a fan before and he is brilliant. We managed to get a few words from Lily (and a mean a few, she was rushing) and her co-star Tamsin Egerton, best known from St. Trinian’s.

Here’s what Lily had to say:


What did you enjoy the most about the film?

I got to play myself a lot on set. I was playing a character but the same time I got to insert a lot of Lily-isms and that was a nice experience. I guess the way that I laugh, the way that I fool around with Sam and made him laugh were very me. The goofy factor, all that kind of stuff.

And Tamsin:


What attracted you to the script?

The script. It was so funny. I laughed out loud a hundred times and my character was so out there, over-the-top and crazy and I love the fact that she went from light to dark quite quickly and there were a few scenes where like I rip off a tablecloth and have a huge tantrum and a scene that’s not actually in the film where I give birth in a bath on my own. The logistics of that in my head was so hilarious I thought ‘I have to do this role’. So it was great, really great.

What was it like working with Sam and Lily?

Amazing, they are so sweet. I have most of my scenes with Sam and he’s just a complete gentleman and hilarious so I found myself laughing almost every minute and Lily’s just a gem, she’s incredible, and all of us got on so well. I don’t have any scenes with Suki but we all went out together in Ireland and just had a blast.

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