James Marsden: The Best of Me Q&A


James Marsden was in London to promote his upcoming romantic drama The Best of Me, an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel which also stars Michelle Monaghan, Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato.

I saw him at an Apple Store Q&A session and what a lovely man he was. He is so upbeat, smiley and he kept looking over at his son (he has two – not sure which one!) and was generally charming.

Here are a few things I learned from the talk:

– He never met Nicholas Sparks on the set of The Notebook, only at the premiere afterwards. Although he is involved in the film process, he does try to let the screenwriter/director take the lead. He will step in if he thinks too many changes have been made.

– There is a sex scene between him and Michelle in the movie and the director did not say cut for 13 minutes so they just kept going! He said he was very sweaty by the end of it. That’s one long take.

– Luke Bracey plays his younger self in flashback scenes and the pair rehearsed in the two weeks leading up to the shoot so they could achieve the same Southern accent (which was harder for Luke because he is Australian) and to use some of the same mannerisms

– James (he calls himself Jimmy) does not have any social media accounts but there is a faker around pretending to be him who duped Michelle into messaging him. One day on set she commented on his account and when he asked ‘what account?’ they discovered some imposter had the balls to message his co-star pretending to be him!

– He brought his son on the press tour and on down time, they walked through Knightsbridge to look at all the fancy cars in the shop windows because they are both car nuts. How adorable!


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