The Hundred-Foot Journey: Film Review


Well, isn’t this just a sumptuous little feel-good film. It is pretty forgettable and not particularly original but it leaves you with a smile on your face and a hungry stomach.

Helen Mirren is the owner of a French restaurant who has been trying for years to achieve her second Michelin star and she is not happy with an Indian family who set up their own eatery in the building opposite. The warring businesses constantly clash until they realise they can work together.


The clashing of cultures is very funny and I love how the French villagers react to this Indian family because they have never experienced them or their food before. I like how the family make themselves at home and establish their business. Mirren is very uptight while the Indian father, played by Om Puri, is loveable yet stubborn and the way they butt heads is great. It also turns out his son Hassan (played by Manish Dayal – yum!) is a very gifted chef and Mirren is soon vying for his skills at her restaurant.

The downside is that you know it is going to turn out rosy – what you predict from that plot summary is going to happen. As soon as we see Hassan lock eyes with Marguerite, you just know they are going to get together. However, there a few unexpected moments like a fire in the restaurant, Marguerite turning Hassan down (at first) and Hassan moving to Paris and it certainly get sadder than I imagined. So it is not predictable point for point but the endgame is.

Film Review The Hundred Foot Journey

However, I do not mind that so much. It was lovely to look at, the food, the setting, Hassan – the entire thing was a sight for the eyes. Mirren and Puri were very funny clashing with each other and her French accent was very good. It might not stand out above the crowd and be remembered but it is a sweet little film that I really enjoyed.

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