Sex Tape: Film Review


From the trailer I thought this would be hilarious but the laughs never surpass what is shown in that preview – Sex Tape just isn’t as funny as I wanted it to be and I felt like I had seen Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in those roles too many times before.

They star as a married couple whose sex life has fizzled out and one night they attempt to get it back by filming themselves having sex. However, the video automatically uploads from his iPad to all the iPads he gave to his friends second-hand (which are a lot) and they have to retrieve the devices to save their blushes.


Obviously it is a very basic storyline but it does have the potential to be very funny yet sadly it doesn’t fully deliver. It goes down the ridiculous route where you are more like ‘really?!’ at what’s happening rather than rolling with it and enjoying it for what it is. That being said, the first 20-30 minutes were strong and I loved their backstory about how they had sex all the time in a variety of positions. I really liked the scenes leading up to making the tape, especially the bits that show how distracted you can be during sex when it’s with the same partner you’ve been with for years. It was well observed and relatable.

But, it all goes downhill once the sex tape goes out and the ending is like a deflated balloon. Their mission to recover the now-shared footage is crazy and if you know how nuts Cameron is when she is doing loud/big comedy, you will get how hyper this is. For example, Segel being chased around the house by an Alsatian went on way too long and lost all plausibility straight away – but it kept going. Also I thought Jack Black would be a great addition to the cast as a porn website boss but then his smart-talking character ends up spouting deep words about the meaning of their marriage and why they needed to make the tape in the first place. It seems absurd. Also the person holding the video hostage just gives up the footage without a fight, which defeats the whole purpose of the movie really.

Cameron Diaz;Rob Lowe

I’ve always been a massive fan of Cameron and Jason and they actually work really together. Great chemistry, comic timing and a willingness to try a ton of sexual positions. The problem is that I’ve seen them be these characters before, especially Jason, who is constantly playing this adult child basically. You don’t even know what his character’s job is.

That being said, I don’t want people to write it off completely because it is very entertaining and will make you laugh-out-loud in places. It just isn’t the level of comedy I had hoped for and the storyline was a bit too basic with some scenes that were just too ludicrous. I want to see Jason Segel moving on to better material.

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