Pretty Little Liars: Fatale Finale thoughts





So last night the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars aired and in usual fashion they save the shockers for these episodes. The thing is that you could see this one coming. It didn’t help that they teased that someone was going to die. As soon as I saw that, I had a list of who could go and it was Mona, Toby or Melissa. I called it. And I never guess right ever.

To be fair, at the very beginning of the episode, I was freaked out that it could be Spencer, especially since Troian Bellisario posted some cryptic tweets before the show. While I’m glad it wasn’t any of the main girls/boys, I was really sad that it was Mona. She just wanted to be part of the group or beat Ali and I felt she had fully redeemed herself from being A in the first season. She may have been a bit shady/mysterious at the first half of this season but I felt it was more against Ali than the others. And she was helping the others finally beat Ali – they really needed her help – and she’s dead for it. There were so close. I’m so sad.


I was probably more emotional about what Alison is doing to Spencer – she’s framing her!! Spencer is my favourite and the fact she is getting in trouble for this is really annoying. I’m so angry about it. I want the girls just get one up on Ali for once but she always seems to be one step ahead.They are always so close to beating her. I’m convinced she’s A but it feels way too obvious now. Whatever she is, she is up to no good and I can’t wait for the police to find out her lies.

Other observations: How hot did Toby look? I really thought he was the one going to die during that car accident, thank God he was only injured. So glad that Paige and Emily are back on and Caleb is helping the girls with their plans. Also, did Mona’s death have to be so brutal?!

What I’m left wondering: What did Mona find out? What did Alison do to Bethany Young? Was it her in Mona’s house, CeCe Drake or somebody else entirely? What do the police have on Spencer and can she get out? I really hope so!

Anyway, we have to wait for ages now!

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