Emmys 2014: Best & Worst Dressed

Hayden Panettiere - my fave look of the night

Hayden Panettiere – my fave look of the night

So the Emmys are the biggest awards for TV stars so they all try to bring them A-game. Some of these gowns are Oscar-worthy and I was so impressed by the choices on display. To be fair, they weren’t many badly dressed people. There were a couple of stand-out awful dresses and in the middle ground were those that looked great but did not grab my attention. I’m going to start with best dressed, which was hands-down lead by Hayden Panettiere (above) who looked stunning with her baby bump. The rest continue below…



Sarah Hyland 


Big fan of the crop top. Also, great skirt colour.

Claire Danes 


She looks stunning. Absolutely love this dress.

Taylor Schilling 


Not the boldest look but it is so elegant and delicate.

Natalie Dormer


She looks kick-ass.

Allison Williams 


Great gown, but I wish she had chosen a less severe hairstyle.


Lena Dunham 


I just cannot comprehend this!

Sarah Paulson 


Ditto for Sarah. What on earth?!

Laura Prepon 


This is nowhere near as bad as the first two but still, there is way too much going on here. There are just random flaps of fabric all over this dress and it’s distracting.

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