Daniel Radcliffe: What If Q&A

Apologies for the quality - I was pretty far away!

Apologies for the quality – I was pretty far away!

On Monday evening, Daniel Radcliffe dropped into the Apple Store in London to see his fans and chat about his new movie What If. He was on a very tight schedule so arrived dead on half 5 and left dead on 6pm but he was great to listen to while he was there. He is very chatty, excitable even and you can tell he appreciates his fans and his job. Also, I knew he was short but I was still surprised by how petite he is in general – so small and skinny (and very pale)!

So he didn’t say an awful lot of interesting stuff besides how much he loved working on the movie, working with his co-stars, getting to improvise some scenes and how happy he was to find a rom-com he liked. However, there were a couple of things I thought were intriguing:

– The main reason Dan was attracted to What If was not simply because he hadn’t done a rom-com before but because he has never played a person in the modern day. Although Harry Potter was in the present, it was a totally different world and his subsequent films have been set in the past, so he relished playing someone in the modern day.

– I never knew this. When nightclub dance scenes are in a film, the actors aren’t actually dancing to any music because that is added in later. A blast of music is played so the actors know how loudly to talk but then it cuts off and they have to dance without any music – which means a lot of them end up dancing to different beats entirely. Dan calls this the most embarrassing part of the movie.

– Dan became great friends with Dane DeHaan on the set of Kill Your Darlings and the pair have been trying to work together ever since. Dan assures fans that something is happening but it is very top secret and could not give us any hints.


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