The Inbetweeners 2: Film Review


I was not thrilled when this was announced because I just thought they were trying to flog a dead horse and it could no way match up to the series or the first movie.  I was wrong. This is hilarious and will please all the fans of the boys.

We join the foursome as they embark on life post-school. Will is at university but has no friends, Simon is stuck with the girlfriend from hell at uni (Lucy, who we met in Malia), Neil is working and Jay has jetted off for a gap year in Australia. The three boys, fed up with their lives, head to Oz to join Jay, who seems to be living the high-life and proceed to cause chaos. Naturally.

It has a similar premise to the first movie so I thought it was going to be exactly the same. It isn’t, thank God, in terms of plot but the dialogue and gags are nothing particularly new. This will please fans of the franchise, of course, because these are phrases and scenarios we know and love. But there are only so many times Jay can talk about ‘gash/clunge/minge/pussy’ for it to be effective. After a while it becomes a bit tiresome and I never even noticed it previously, so for me to be aware of it now shows how heavily gross-out sexual dialogue is used.


A lot of people have disagreed with me on this point. I prefer the first film. I agree with people when they say number two feels more like a film and one was more like an extended episode. That is true but this film seems as if it is trying a little bit too hard. Granted, the scenes in Splash Planet waterpark are bloody genius, their moments in the outback are brilliant and Will’s rant about travelling and spirituality is fantastic, but besides those, nothing particularly stands out.

Regardless of what was better, this will still make you laugh out loud. In my cinema, the whole audience was howling with laughter or ‘ewww’-ing at disgusting moments, of which there are a lot. This will please anyone who gets the Inbetweeners humour and is a perfect way to end to the franchise (or so they lead us to believe).

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