Guardians of the Galaxy: Q&A


So today was my third and final day of Guardians of the Galaxy fun and what a way to end it. This Q&A at London’s Apple Store was probably the best I’ve been to. These guys were just brilliant. Dave Bautista, Chris Pratt and director James Gunn clearly have a great working relationship. They bounced off each other and the whole session had the audience in stitches.

Dave was humourous in a deadpan/serious way whereas James is this quick-talking, energetic joker. He definitely loosened up the atmosphere – he was my favourite. Chris was hilarious too but there were times he would pull comedy faces and I’d wonder if he was acting or this behaviour is just him. Either way, the energy in the room was great and that’s impressive considering this was their last commitment in the UK before the rest of their press tour elsewhere.

Highlights included: Chris talking about his love for The Only Way is Essex when he was filming Guardians over here and he did the greatest impression of how they spoke. It was AMAZING. Everyone was laughing hysterically. Dave wants Chris to join WWE. James said he “felt like a girl winning American Idol” when he found out he got to direct. Chris did not even know what character he was auditioning for, it was so top secret. The scene where they talked about “the plan” took over 11 hours to perfect. The hardest scene for James to direct was the ‘romance’ scene on the balcony with Quill and Gamora.

Also, the guys were great jokers and constantly talking about random rubbish. They spend ages signing autographs too, which they aren’t obligated to do. Usually they do a couple on the way out but Chris was trying to do so many, his publicist/assistant had to usher him away. What a top dude!


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