Pretty Little Liars: 100th episode shockers

From Lucy Hale's Instagram

From Lucy Hale’s Instagram

Well, we know the creators of Pretty Little Liars like to keep their bombshells for momentous occasions and the landmark 100th episode was no exception. I can’t believe there have been 100 episodes already, it feels like only yesterday it started.

Anyway, back on point. As it is the norm with this show, we get some answers/resolutions but end up asking way more questions.

Firstly, the resolutions: we know the identity of the girl found in Ali’s grave, Ezria are back on after some steamy sexy time and Alison and Emily even got it on – something I’m not happy with. I want Emily to be with Paige and even though Alison claims her feelings are real, I can’t help feeling like she’s manipulating them at every turn.

Pic of the explosion from I Marlene King's Instagram

Pic of the explosion from I Marlene King’s Instagram

The mini questions: What will Hanna do now Caleb (my favourite man candy) is back? What is up with him any way? Apparently, he shared a look with Alison at the end but I must have totally missed it. Also, where has Toby been recently (his appearances are so sporadic these days)? What has happened to Hanna’s look? Does Lucas actually have a girlfriend and did he throw that party purely to get Hanna drunk?

Main questions: What the EFF happened at the end? A bomb blast in Toby’s house – was Jenna inside? What message was it supposed to send? And who is the culprit? I can’t wait to see what the text message says. A is clearly back – you can see from the end sequence. But who is it? Also, does Mona have actual info on New York? Who followed Ali in the car? Who the hell is Sydney (the new swimming girl) and what is her connection to Jenna and Mona? What are they plotting? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Let’s hope a couple of these (at least) are explained next episode.

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