Angelina Jolie’s ‘drug’ video is just not fair


Last night, a video of Angelina Jolie was posted online of her talking on the phone while in a seemingly drug-addled state. My issue is: do we care? Angelina has always been forthcoming with her past drug addictions. Does this video add anything? No. We don’t see her doing drugs and it isn’t even proof that she was taking drugs at the time.

Basically, this guy named Franklin Meyer sold the video to a couple of news outlets, which was taken FIFTEEN years ago when he was apparently Ange’s drug dealer. He claims he brought over some illegal substances to a New York hotel where she was staying. She doesn’t look well, granted, but this isn’t an obvious drug-taking video.

Why now, Franklin? This footage has been in your possession for a long time, so why now? To fuck up her wholesome, humanitarian image? This is just not fair and, despite being a journalist myself, it makes me hate the profession sometimes.

Angelina has done nothing to deserve this. She has been clean for years and never shied away from her troubled past. She put that all behind her and spends her life making films, helping the United Nations with charity work and raising six children, three of which were adopted from difficult backgrounds.

I just feel bad for her. This doesn’t add anything new. It just dredges up the past. Ultimately, what is the point? Personally, I think it a vendetta against Jolie on Franklin’s behalf and the news outlets, who just want to knock the angelic crown off her head.

Poor Ange. I hope this doesn’t change how people feel towards her.

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