Wireless Festival 2014


So on Sunday I went to the final day of London’s Wireless Festival with headliner Bruno Mars. Here is a little summary of the acts on the day and just what I thought of them.

Salt N Pepa To be honest, I didn’t know any of their songs except Push It, which I love, so I wanted to see their set just for that. The girls are well into their 40s but put on such a high energy show, it was hard not to let loose. They played a lot of covers too. I didn’t know were covers or not as I’m not clued up on their discography but I enjoyed it regardless. The crowd went nuts for Push It as expected.


John Newman John is quite new really. I knew about three of his songs and his voice was amazing. However, I felt he had a bit of an ego. I don’t know if it is just an onstage persona but he seemed to think his shit doesn’t stink. He gave me a Freddie Mercury vibe when he was strutted around and Michael Jackson went he danced. His moves were a bit crazy though.


Ellie Goulding I didn’t know that many Ellie songs and I hadn’t listened to Halycon Days so I was a bit out of the loop. Anyway it didn’t matter. She stuck to all uptempo tracks and had great energy onstage. She worked the whole width of the stage, busted some great moves and had adorable chat between songs. I would have liked Explosions, Beating Heart or Guns and Horses but those didn’t really fit with the dance vibe of the set. I have a new appreciation for Anything Could Happen though.


Sean Paul I can’t comment on the whole performance because I just rushed over to his tent between Ellie and Outkast. The issue with Sean is that you can’t understand a word of what he’s saying and the music wasn’t the clearest so if you don’t know what the song is, you aren’t going to have a clue. Luckily we caught Temperature and She Doesn’t Mind, which I love. Gutted I missed Get Busy and Got 2 Love U though.

OutKast I love OutKast purely because of Hey Ya! That is such a tune so basically the crowd was waiting for that. Andre 3000 has a great stage presence, which was helped by an odd grey wig and jumpsuit combo. To someone like me who doesn’t know many of their tracks, they sound quite similar but I enjoyed it anyway. Even when the rain started pouring down. Ms. Jackson and I Like The Way You Move were great crowd pleasers but damn, when Hey Ya come on, things got a little crazy. Great moment.

And then it rained...

And then it rained…

Robin Thicke Personally, I wouldn’t have chosen to see Robin but his set was inside a tent and it was raining, so we seized the opportunity. I only caught half the set and as to be expected, he was mostly doing tracks from Paula and singing heartfelt songs to his estranged wife. It was a tad cringe, so I spend the time eating snacks and hiding from the rain. Blurred Lines at the end was great though. My reward for sticking it out.


Bruno Mars I had wanted to see Bruno for ages and he did not disappoint. His voice was faultless. He sounded like his album. He is also quite cheeky and has high energy. I love his dance moves and the little routines he does with his band. He likes to grind his hips a lot (quite the sexual fella). He also did a drum solo. Bruno mainly stuck to the singles, which is what everyone wanted really. I was surprised he finished on Gorilla as that is the weakest single so far but the drum beats worked well with the mini firework display. The highlight was Locked Out of Heaven. It was SO.GOOD. Everyone was dancing. BEST memory of the night.

All in all, I loved it!!


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