Begin Again: Mark Ruffalo & Keira Knightley Q&A


So tonight I headed down to a jam-packed Apple Store in London to see the Q&A session with Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley and James Corden about their new movie Begin Again.

The film looks great – laughs, music and romance. What more do you need?

Anyway, Keira looked STUNNING and Mark looked different to how I expected. I can’t even describe how. Just different. I always got the impression that he was so cool and relaxed yet he seemed a bit on edge to begin with. Keira was chatty straight away, very self-deprecating about her singing abilities and she ended up answering most questions. I thought Mark would do that but he seemed reluctant to take any questions himself but would quip in with jokes here and there. James is a comedian so naturally he had a few jokes and it was clear the cast all got on very well.

Here’s a few facts that I learned about the movie:

– Keira only got the lyrics to her songs two days before she was going to record them in the studio so she had hardly any time to prepare and figure out how she was going to sing them.

– She was beyond nervous singing for the movie and never expected to be so frightening when she signed up for it. She recounted the first time she went to record and how tense it was because everyone was there waiting to hear what she sounded like. Mark was surprised that she was good! He remembers hearing her constantly muttering phrases like ‘this sucks’ during the process.

– James Corden shot this at the same time he was in the Broadway run of One Man, Two Guvnors. He would do scenes during the day, perform in the show, then take a car to all the night shoots. The rest of the cast kept asking if he was tired but he never was. One night, during a subway scene, Mark was holding a Starbucks Coffee mug and he offered it to James to perk up and when James tried it, it was a vodka tonic! The guys liked to drink before miming playing the guitar as it made them feel foolish.

– The film was low-budget so the production crew did not get permission to film around New York landmarks. So they would arrive in a van, quickly shoot the scene before anyone realised and then jump back in the van. The time Keira and Mark walk around Times Square was done at 3am and they only just got enough footage before fans started to notice them.

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