22 Jump Street: Film Review


This is a sequel in the most literal sense of the word. It just the same film, again. This has very insignificant changes. But despite it being a total rip-off of its predecessor, it is still totally hilarious.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back with their unlikely cop pairing routine. Having successful accomplished their 21 Jump Street task, they go back to the real world of policing, where they suck. So when a new drug-in-school type project comes up, these are the guys for the job. This time, they head to college to find the dealer and supplier of a new party drug but things aren’t so easy this time around.


What I like about this is how self-referential it is. It knows it is cashing in on the first film’s success and there is even a conversation in the movie about how follow-ups are never good. It even pokes fun at itself while hinting at a further spin-offs and sequels during the end credits (which you should stick around for).

And while I could be scathing that it isn’t very original, I have to put my hands up and say, it was damn funny. It is laugh-out-loud funny but definitely not as good as the first. Not all jokes worked and some went on a bit long, although these were mostly from the supporting cast. Hill and Tatum are brilliant. Their chemistry is tight, which helps as they are constantly referring to their friendship like it is a romance. They clearly improvise and spar off each other, which creates some brilliant lines.


However, I have to point out the obvious. It is the same film. It has the same plot and they face the same problems – getting high on the drug they’re chasing, trying to fit into the school/college crowd, physical differences, having their friendship tested, girl issues etc. I also felt like the showdown in Mexico went on a bit too long.

If you liked 21 Jump Street then you will have an amazing time watching it. If you didn’t, then there is no point in seeing it as it will not appeal. This is amped-up version of the first – more stunts, higher production values, awesome soundtrack and some sweet, sweet laughs. Enjoy.


  1. Laughed plenty during this movie. Still like the first a bit more, but at least this comes pretty close. Good review Hannah.


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