Do celebs not think before they speak?!


I haven’t written an opinionated feature like this in ages but there seems to be a lot of media going around at the moment due to celebrities saying or doing something controversial, almost all of which could have easily been avoided.

First example is One Direction. Louis Tomlinson had recorded him and Zayn Malik smoking weed and it was leaked online. Celebs should know by now that nothing is sacred. You DO NOT record yourself doing something illegal or that would make people think less of you. I wouldn’t even be stupid enough to do that and I’m not famous. You may think it’s private because it’s on your phone etc but those can easily be stolen, especially if it’s by someone in your inner circle who wants you to fall on your ass.

Chloe Grace Moretz wrote this tweet that sums it up perfectly – “people have got to stop filming things if they’re doing it illegally, you’re just asking to get caught, better to not do it at all.” It’s just dumb. What on earth does Louis gain from filming this anyway? There is no benefit from this video existing in the first place. Now there is no denying they smoke weed, which will upset a lot of fans who thought their idols could do no wrong.



Second, any celebrities who has had nude pictures of them leaked from Vanessa Hudgens to Scarlett Johansson. I know these examples are old but why not group them into this. Again, I would never take something so embarrassing because you don’t know where it will end up. Let you’re partners see the real thing, don’t let him have incriminating pictures of you indefinitely! They will definitely come out once you hit the big time.


Third, celebrities not thinking before they speak. Most recently those involve Charlize Theron and Jonah Hill. Jonah’s I can forgive a little bit more because he was being provoked and he hit back with a terrible word, which we can understand or at least relate to. Also, he apologised publicly for it straight away, both on radio and TV. He is so evidently sorry that you almost feel sad for him. Charlize, however, could have easily avoided comparing press intrusion to being raped. That was overboard and the minute she uttered that word, controversy was sparked. She has been doing press for years, she is media trained, so why on earth come out with such a thing?! She should know better. I bet her publicist could not believe it. Needless to say, that interview went viral and that is probably the most memorable thing to come out of her A Million Ways to Die in the West press tour.

In conclusion, I know celebs are just humans and we say and do the wrong thing sometimes. That’s why I understand Jonah. However, Charlize’s mistakes was so dumb and thoughtless and all the naked pictures and incriminating videos could have been prevented. They just need to think. You don’t even have to be famous for these things to bite your in the bum. It can happen to anyone, yet they have way more to lose so should be way more careful.

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