Chef: Film Review


I wanted to see this because it looked funny, heart-warming and had a stellar cast. I was certainly right about that and what makes it even better is the food. Like any culinary-based film, you will end up being hungry and the food made here looks gorgeous. It’s like food porn, basically.

Jon Favreau has written, directed and stars in this comedy-drama about a chef named Carl Casper, who clashes with the restaurant’s owner because he doesn’t want to mess with the successful menu and Carl is feeling stifled because is doing the same tried-and-tested dishes. Things come to head when the restaurant receives a bad review from a critic and Carl quits and decides to reinvent himself – with a food truck.


It has a pretty simple premise but what I like about it is just how funny it is within those confines. Although this is essentially about Carl’s “journey”, it is more of a father and son tale as Carl had been neglecting his son Percy (who is the cutest kid ever) because he is so busy at the restaurant. Percy yearns to be closer to his dad (whose ex-wife is Sofia Vergara FYI) and Carl soon realizes this when his life turns upside down. It’s like a road movie for fathers and sons.

Favreau’s writing is hilarious and the cast he manages to rope in make it even better. To name a few there is Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr. (of course) and Oliver Platt. The most laughs come from Carl’s inability to understand how social media works. It is so contemporary and captures the zeitgeist. The tweeting graphics onscreen involve us in the action too. However, all this is outshone by the food. Favreau clearly took a lot of time to learn how to cook that way and made a serious effort to make everything look amazing. If this doesn’t make you feel hungry afterwards, or make you crave some meat, then you’re nuts!


It really is a sweet movie that sees Carl realizing he wasn’t the best person he could be in that kitchen and he transforms throughout the movie. I wasn’t really sure how it could end but I felt like the last couple of minutes were too cheesy. I would have liked something slightly different.

In general, I loved this movie. It is so entertaining, hilarious and sweet. I wouldn’t necessarily say it needs a cinema watch but you should definitely catch this.

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