Bad Neighbours: Film Review

Film Title: Neighbors

I saw this a few weeks ago and completely forgot to upload it – apologies! Anyway, I’m here now to tell you that there is a legitimate reason for Bad Neighbours reaching number 1 at the box office over here and the U.S. It is hilarious. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to the cinema for it but if you want to hit the movie theatre and don’t want a franchise/action film, this is your best shot.

The main reason I went to see this was because of my love for Zac Efron. He is gorgeous (although, I have to say, it seems like he loves himself these days so I don’t like him so much) and the star attraction of this movie. Although, to give them credit, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne crack me up. They play a couple who have recently had a child and are struggling to mature and refuse to become ‘boring’ in parenthood. They soon end up with a battle on their hands when a university fraternity move in next door and cause all kinds of hell.


I’m sure this premise has been done before, or at least something vaguely similar. I’m not going to pretend it is the most original idea on the planet. However, it does break various stereotypes and comes up with original scenes and ideas. For example, the couple could have been constantly nagging and moaning about their situation whereas they get involved and sometimes join in with the party. Byrne’s character is hilarious – which is unusual in male lead comedies like this. Normally the humour comes from the female being the butt of the joke, but she is not. She creates as much of the comedy as Seth.

To Zac’s credit – I’m sure he has been cast due to his looks rather talent but here he proved how funny he can actually be. Some of the stuff the frat boys did was ridiculous and he did it all. The only people I didn’t find funny were the couple’s friends, Jimmy and Paula, because I felt their moments were trying too hard. There are a few times like that – where the comedy is a bit too bizarre that it’s not funny. A couple of jokes fell flat with me but it was far outnumbered by the ones that made me laugh out loud in the cinema. That doesn’t happen much with comedies these days, so I’m impressed!


In all, it is so enjoyable. It looked like the most fun thing to film and I think that helps. There are a few gross-out moments, the breast-feeding scene is the most memorable, but generally the fun comes through very clever dialogue, some bonkers revenge ideas and crazy characters. I loved it and Byrne is mostly responsible for that – she is the star of this movie, besides how Zac looks. It was written so well. I can’t fault it. It has everything a comedy needs.

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