The Two Faces of January UK Premiere: My Pics



Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac come out in London on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of The Two Faces of January, their new thriller, out in U.K. on Friday.

Viggo and Kirsten plays Chester and Collette and wealthy, American couple holidaying in Greece, who met Rydal (Oscar Isaac), an American tour guide who scams his customers. He gets more than he bargains for when he gets involved with the couple as it turns out he is not the biggest con artist of the group and he soon get embroiled in Chester’s web of lies and scheming.


I was most excited to see Kirsten because I have loved her since Jumanji and Bring It On. I have seen those films so many times and I was scared she might have an ego because she has been in the industry so long but I could not be more wrong. She was so nice, genuine, friendly and funny. I definitely love her more now.

Oscar was a very kind, charming dude and extremely friendly. He couldn’t talk much about the specifics of Star Wars: Episode VII, which he has been cast in, but he was happy to answer questions as much as he could. Viggo was friendly but also quite shy. He came across quite introverted, he is not confident answering questions and formulating coherent answers and he spoke so softly behind his beard and moustache so it was difficult to hear/see what he was saying.

Here are my pics. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger image:



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