The Voices: Sundance London Q&A


So I bought a ticket to the Sundance London premiere of The Voices, a comedy-horror starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick. I wanted to see it because I had read some interesting things about it, not knowing that Ryan and Gemma would actually watch the movie with us and then chat to us about it afterwards! Extremely pleasant surprise.

I gave written a separate review (read here) but in summary, the movie is about a mentally ill guy named Jerry, who is off his medication and believes his pets are talking to him. His dog is the good guy, always complimentary and positive whereas the cat is evil and he encourages Jerry to kill people. It is bizarre and it’s a surprise Ryan pursued the role so fiercely. It does sound pretty nuts but it is very enjoyable (but rather gory) and this is the best acting I’ve ever seen from him, especially when his world begins to unravel.


So here’s a few facts I learned from the post-screening Q&A:

– Ryan voices all the animals he hears, which makes sense as they are actually just his thoughts but that wasn’t the original plan. The producers were going to get other people to do it but Ryan came up with some voices, recorded them on his phone and sent them in and he was given those roles too. I was really impressed as I never gave Ryan much acting credit but his accents for the animals are impeccable. I didn’t even know it was him until the credits rolled. Who knew he could do such a believable Scottish accent?!

– The animals were not actually there, which is understandable as they would have to sit in a talking position for a long period of time. Actors filled in for the pets during filming and were replaced by CGI afterwards. I’m sure animals must have been used briefly, but in the main, they aren’t real, especially when they’re talking!

– The scenes were Ryan is talking to Gemma’s severed head was actually shot for real, not with effects, so she must have had her body under the table or something. The fact of playing a talking head was one of the reasons that Gemma took the role, because she didn’t realise how difficult it would be to talk and react without moving her neck. She had to overplay her facial expressions to make up for lack of body movement.

– There is a musical number at the end (a bit out of place I’d say) and Ryan was dreading it so much. He doesn’t believe he can sing (though it seems like he can) and the day they recorded it, he was dripping with sweat because he was so nervous. They originally wanted to use a Jackson song but his family wanted to charge over a million for them to use it so they settled with The O’Jays Sing A Happy Song.


Also, check out who was in the audience with us…only Mr Stanley Tucci, who I swiftly stalked as we exited the cinema together!


Stanley is the bald dude on the bottom right!


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  1. […] Ryan and Gemma also attend at Q&A after the film screening, which you can read about here. […]

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