My thoughts on: True Detective


So True Detective concluded in the UK over the weekend and I have to say, I was impressed but the reaction from US viewers had lead me to believe something bigger was going to happen. When the finale was originally aired, people went nuts over it so I held out throughout the series, thinking there would be an amazing pay-off. While the end was good, it didn’t blow my mind in the way I was expected. If I had gone into this not knowing what others were thinking, I would have been happy but social media made my expectations too high.

The performances were amazing, especially in the final episode. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were brilliant leads. McConaughey was particularly impressive; showing his character Rust’s tormented nature. The chemistry between them was amazing and their friendship exploding in the fight was probably my favourite episode.


The whole series was a bit too slow for me. It was meant to be a slow-burner, I get that, but to think we spent over 8 hours solving one crime, albeit over the space of 17 years, was a bit of a stretch. When I decided to watch the show, I thought it was going to be a different crime every week so I was surprised to learn that it was just one crime for the whole duration.

I liked how the show jumped from 1995 to present day because it helps build up a picture slowly. In the beginning, you have no idea what has happened in that time and why they are being interviewed in the present day and that stepped up the intrigue. When it seemed like Rust was behind the crimes, I really started to get hooked but that turned out to be a false lead. I really was expecting a twist somewhere to legitimise everyone’s vocal reaction but there wasn’t one. They found the killer, they finally solved the case, job done.


To be honest, I was not impressed with the first episode because it wasn’t what I was expected. It seemed less focused on the crimes than the men and that’s not how I wanted. Then you become invested in them and their friendship, which makes the last few episodes pretty tense. I didn’t like the long monologues about nothing in particular from Rust. It was all existential waffle that I could do without, but I guess it added to character. It was also a challenge keeping up with the different players and suspects in the case, especially when Rust is taking fast in a mumble.

I’m glad I watched it because it was interesting, I did get invested and the ending was really good. I just wanted something more. I truly began liking it when the original 1995 case is seemingly solved but then you discover the crimes are still continuing. It was written very well, the two leads were perfect and the ending wrapped it all up perfectly. Nicely done.

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