The Amazing Spider-Man 2 World Premiere: Quotes


So last night’s premiere in Leicester Square was the first time I got access to the media pen! WOOP WOOP. It was great in that I got to see all the celebs and take some pics but sadly, I didn’t get to speak to everyone EXCEPT the main man Andrew Garfield!

Here’s the (very brief) conversation:

What’s the most challenging aspect of filming?

Every aspect. It’s terrifying to take on such a huge role. Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be open to such criticism and such attack? I have no idea why I’m here.


I also got to have a little chat with producer Matt Tolmach who give A BIG HINT that Shailene Woodley may no longer be Mary Jane. He would neither confirm or deny it, but his hesitation was telling. Here’s the convo:

Did you not think having three villains was a bit overambitious?

No, because honestly it’s not three villains in every scene of the movie. They serve very, very different purposes. The rule for us is you can have however many villains if they actually have something critical to do in the movie, so we were really careful about that but I think each of them serves a specific purpose and they are incredible actors, Jamie, Dane and Paul Giamatti. It’s an embarrassment of great acting.

What happening with the character of Mary Jane?

Well we’ll see won’t we?

Will it still be Shailene?

We honestly haven’t even gotten there yet. I mean we’re still doing this. I swear to God when I go home, they’ll be a bunch of meetings with the writers. You know we have all these movies, Sinister Six and Venom and another Spiderman and they’re all going to be intertwined…I’m producing all of them so we have a lot to do.

His response is pretty telling because Shailene had already filmed her scenes for The Amazing Spiderman 2 but they were cut due to time constraints. If they were going to retain her footage, it would have been a simple yes answer but he didn’t confirm it so I think it will be completely reshot with somebody else.


I was gutted not to speak to Dane DeHaan but he did answer one of my questions during a Twitter Q&A with Glamour Magazine. Check it:

Not bad, not bad!!

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