The Amazing Spider-Man 2: World Premiere


Tonight the stars of The Amazing Spiderman 2 came to London’s Leicester Square for the world premiere and here’s the inside track.

Andrew Garfield 

What a sweetheart. He arrived early so he could fit everyone in but he was still running late because he was being so attentive to everyone. That sounds like I’m kissing his arse but I honestly didn’t think really highly of him before tonight but he has changed my opinion of him completely. The nicest, most genuine guy. He wanted to please everybody, he had great energy, tried his hardest to see everyone and give great answers to questions we asked even though he was under pressure, running out of time and the film was waiting for him to start.

You expect him to be shy and introverted and he is when faced with personal questions but besides that, he is very friendly and down-to-earth. He arrived in a London public bus with children from a charity and hung out with them (see pic above), he had a little dance with Jamie Foxx on the red carpet, he busted out some moves with buddies and was totally hyper during his onstage interview with Alex Zane. Such much love!



Emma Stone 

She is equally as charming as Andrew but not quite as fun and lively. Although they are both and bit awkward and introverted, Andrew still manages to give a great answer to a terrible question. Emma gets flustered and says ‘I don’t know’. I get the feeling that she is still quite overwhelmed by the craziness. She also tried her hardest to see the fans and speak to the press but did not seem as at ease as Andrew. Fabulous dress though.

Dane DeHaan 

I was most excited for Dane because I had seen everyone else before and I’m a big fan of his work. Sadly, he didn’t come to us. He’s quite new to premieres, especially ones of this scale, so I don’t think he anticipated how much there was to do. He only spoke to half of the press and signed for a handful of people. It was quite disappointing as I had thought up really good questions. Also, he’s not as handsome in real life (boo hoo!) but his wife Anna Wood is a total babe. I prefer her jumpsuit to Emma’s yellow dress (which was still amazing). Eyes were definitely more on her than Dane – she was at his hip the entire time.



Jamie Foxx 

Cool as ever, of course. I half expected him to walk on past everybody but he talked to as many people as he could and signed as much as possible. He didn’t have as much energy as I had seen on previous occasions and he had a young boy by his side throughout his press chats but it wasn’t one of his children!

All in all, not a bad premiere. I felt sorry for the fans who had waited hours because not many of the stars came to them. They spent far too long down the front where they got out of the cars before realising how much space there was to cover nearer the cinema. They had 20 minutes before being in the cinema and they hadn’t started press yet or even signed for the main fan pen. Pretty chaotic but Emma and Andrew were determined to please as many people as possible!

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