My thoughts on: How I Met Your Mother’s final episode



So, How I Met Your Mother finished last night and the ending really split public opinion. The mother dies and six years later, Ted gets back together with Robin. I understand their frustration. That plotline had been doing the rounds for a while but I was still surprised that they went with that – it is a comedy show so why did they kill her off?! Considering it had been spoiled weeks in advance, I had hoped they would take a different direction as the rumours took the punch out of it.

It’s weird. When I first finished watching it, I was satisfied. I suspected all along that he would end up with Robin and I felt that they were it lining up in the penultimate episode. The more I have talked about it today, the more I feel disappointed. Not greatly – I’m not outraged. It didn’t create a big reaction for me besides a sadness that it was all over. I was just ‘okay’. No big woop.

I would have preferred Ted to stay with The Mother (now known to be called Tracy) because they had great chemistry and she was so nice and similar to him. Cristin Milioti was perfect in that role – it couldn’t have been better cast. I was getting a bit annoyed with the whole Robin thing – Ted clearly loved her the whole time but she always picked Barney. But I felt like Ted and Robin would always be the endgame – they even filmed the kids end scene when the show began – they have known all along how it would end.


However, my main problem is not with the actual plot but with the pace everything happened. The Mother dying/Robin development happened within the last six minutes!! What the hell?! The Mother was discarded too quickly without explanation, except ‘she got ill’. This season has been full of filler and then they cram years of major life developments into a 43 minute episode. I understand they wanted to wrap everything up within the last episode but I would have loved to know more about Marshall’s new job, Barney’s new baby and Ted getting married and then spending time with his new family.

It just felt too rushed and some big moments seemed glossed over, for example, Robin and Barney’s divorce after 3 years of marriage deserves WAY more time. Ideally, I would have liked their wedding to have been five episodes ago and to have a good amount of time to deal with these massive changes. For a comedy show to have divorce, illegitimate babies and death in one episode was a lot to handle.

Besides those main niggles, I loved the humour of the show and the nods past episodes for example, the cockamouse made a reappearance, Ted dressed as the hanging chad for Halloween, “haaave you met Ted?”, Robots v Wrestlers and the classic blue French horn were it all began. I love that the characters are successful – Robin is a leading worldwide reporter and Marshall has an amazing law career. I loved how Barney and Marshall didn’t seem to age whereas Lily and Robin transformed in every time jump and Ted ended up with grey streaks.

Last Forever Part One

I didn’t feel that sad throughout. It wasn’t sad when Ted said goodbye because I knew he wouldn’t go to Chicago. I felt a bit emotional when Barney meets his daughter for the first time. I also felt sad when the apartment is empty and Robin leaves because she doesn’t feel part of the group anymore. I would have liked more on the apartment being empty – but I suppose that’s too much like Friends. The only time I did tear up was the final credits when you see how the characters looked in the pilot.

In all, it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t terrible. In truth, I really liked it until they killed off the mother, although I did think they tried to fit too much into one episode. I think it depends on if you are Team Robin or Team Tracy and I was definitely more of a Tracy fan – but I liked that he waited six years and got his kids’ permission before going after Robin. I understand people’s frustrations but at the end of the day, you are never going to please everybody. I liked it. Didn’t love it, but it will do.

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