My thoughts on: Glee’s 100th episode


So Glee marked its 100th episode last week and part two aired this week – and it was strange because it really feels like the end. How it was left at the end of this episode feels so final, like it should have been a season finale or the final ever episode.

The Glee club as we know it is over and I’m quite happy about that in a way because I have been enjoying the New York scenes more and I have been finding the the choir room and auditorium musical numbers pretty tiresome. It just seems weird that it has happened because New Directions used to be the focus of the show and that will shift entirely from the next episode onwards.

It will be intriguing to see which characters are kept and what reasons they have for being in New York. As far as I can tell, Rachel, Santana and Kurt will be joined by Blaine, Sam and Artie. Tina has gotten into Brown and it is unclear if Brittany will accompany Santana back to NYC so they can resume their relationship. I have a feeling Mr Shue is on his way out (which I don’t mind as he was starting to get boring) but Sue Sylvester and Becky need to stay in some capacity – I love those guys. I wonder what will happen to the younger ones like Marley and Ryder – I hope their characters are given an explanation before being ditched.


I’m hoping that the show will have less songs. I know that’s a main principle of the show but I find them so boring and not well done, except when they are used to tell a story. Most of the songs are poorly mimed, obviously auto-tuned or I don’t even recognise the song. I thought the 100th episode was particularly bad because they were rehashing old songs – most of which sounded the same as the previous – and the returning cast members did a poor effort of miming especially Brittany and April Rhodes. Also, why do they need to do Don’t Stop Believin’ AGAIN? I know it means a lot to them now but it’s been done too many times.

I did not understand why they made a storyline out of Quinn and Puck starting a relationship when neither of them are permanently on the show and their characters don’t even live close to each other. It seemed like a desperate attempt to give the characters something to do. Bringing back Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly didn’t really add to anything either, although it was fun having her back and her 70s disco number was so cool.


There are a lot of things wrong with Glee at the moment – as you can tell from above, but there are some things I love about it too. Rachel and Santana are my favourites and I love the dialogue between them, especially when they fell out (but I’m glad they are friends now). I love it when those two sing. I love the musical numbers in NYC and the script is so witty and funny. It is so sharp and snappy that it makes me laugh out loud. I love Sue and Becky’s friendship.

In regards to the 100th episodes, the video tribute to Mr Shue was really touching as was him saying goodbye to the choir room. Brittany graduating was a sweet touch and Santana and Rachel making up was great too. The end of the two-parter really felt like the end of an era and I hope that the forthcoming era shakes the format up and makes it exciting again.

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