Yaaay for Cheryl Cole being back on The X Factor


I am happy that Cheryl Cole is returning to The X Factor U.K. because I thought she was funny, witty and always gave Simon Cowell a run for his money. Her return not be successful if Simon wasn’t coming back too. Their chemistry and banter will definitely turn the fates around for this series in the beginning – people will be excited to see familiar faces back. But will it have a huge impact on the show’s ratings?! I doubt it will make a significant difference.

The problem is that Simon is going backwards not forwards. In a bid to recreate the show’s best ratings in 2010, he going back to having at least half the judging panel of that year. People will tune in for nostalgia reasons but it won’t be the same as 2010 and the ratings will never match the high of that. What worked that year won’t necessarily work anymore. Audiences have changed and there is less interest in Cheryl . He should be reinventing the show by updating the format, not by reverting to past tactics. He is recreating it because he has such fond memories of that year but the ratings high wasn’t simply down to them – that year produced big acts like One Direction and Cher Lloyd as well as polarising acts like Katie Waissel and Wagner.


I’m surprised Cheryl signed up for it to be honest. In her autobiography, she confessed she wished she hadn’t signed up for the 2010 series because she wasn’t into it anymore and found the process tough. She faced backlash over failing to put through hot favourite Gamu, her dress sense was slated and she had a brat on her hands in the form of Cher Lloyd. Behind the scenes, she also fell ill with malaria and was dealing with the aftermath of divorce from footballer Ashley Cole. She was under the media spotlight constantly and couldn’t wait to escape it when the show was over, so I’m amazed she’s throwing herself back into it again after managing to lay low for a while.

What surprises me even more is that she returned after the whole X Factor U.S. debacle. Simon offered her a job on the judging panel over there but she was fired after only a few audition rounds. They fell out for a long time and even though they have reconciled and their friendship is back on track, I would have too much pride to return to the show that caused me so much grief and embarrassment. I would never touch the show again if I was treated like that.


However, I think this all comes down to Chezza making her musical comeback. It is known that she has been working in the studio on her next album and she is probably planning to release during the show’s run, which has been common practice for her throughout her original time on the show. She has been off the radar for a couple of years and the show will help establish her presence ahead of the release.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties. But having them back will mean the 2014 show will be constantly compared to 2010’s ratings so while having Simon and Cheryl back may up the numbers in the short-term, it doesn’t guarantee great figures throughout, especially if their chemistry isn’t the same, they pick poor contestants and the remaining two judges aren’t crowd pleasers.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh ended up completing the panel.

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