Justin Bieber shows arrogance during testimony

justin2 (3)

So the video of Justin Bieber’s testimony last week has been released online and it revealed his true colours- he is an arrogant arsehole.

He is basically in a six hour meeting in which he is questioned in regards to an assault case in which his bodyguard allegedly hurt a photographer and demanded he delete the photos he had taken of Justin. The questions being asked will help the court case when it begins but Justin is so rude and uncooperative.

The thing that gets me is that I have stuck up for Justin a lot and haven’t judged him harshly for his recent run-ins with the law because I felt like he was making mistakes and would turn his life around. These videos clearly show what he has actually become – he is not a nice guy anymore, he is a total dick. I’m not anymore.

I understand that six hours is a lot of time and the questions very repetitive, some even seemed irrelevant in my eyes. So I’m sure everyone’s patience would have worn thin but he is making the ordeal worse by being so unhelpful. He mumbles and lies about knowing Usher and having been to Australia. He clearly doesn’t think it’s worth his time or energy to speak.

I never believed reports about his behaviour because I assumed people were just exaggerating but there is not denying these videos. He is awful. I don’t know how he will be able to salvage his career anytime soon.

Here are some video highlights:

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