Turned off of the Miley Cyrus BANGERZ tour


When Miley Cyrus announced her BANGERZ tour, I was tempted to go because I love her music (old and new) but I’m actually quite relieved I’m not because her onstage antics would just make me feel like an old, cynical person tutting at how inappropriate she is being.

Everything she does is inappropriate and I know that is her style now but it is overshadowing the music. I’ve seen footage of her concert and she doesn’t seem to be focussing on the singing, more than the performance as a whole which has a lot of elements. For instance, she has a ton of dancers, she comes down from the ceiling riding a hot dog, she gyrates on a car bonnet etc etc.


I know I sound like the dullest person ever but that overt sexual behaviour makes me uncomfortable. She wears leotards the entire time which totally expose her ass and barely cover her lady garden. I don’t know how she finds them easy to wear. One of these days, she is going to spread her legs and show more than she bargained for.

So yeah, if the tour was a showcase of her songs than I would happily go but as it is more a display of her sexuality, I’m happy to stay away.


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