Simon Cowell made the right choice coming back to UK X Factor


I had thought for a while that Simon Cowell should come back to the UK X Factor because it had lost its way- it needed him, he was the original judge and it needed his help as his absence was felt.

Cowell has now decided that he will return to the UK version after three years of heading up the U.S version – effectively turning his back on that show, jumping a sinking ship and it has subsequently been cancelled.

It’s hard to know what came first – Simon leaving the show or the show being cancelled. FOX boss Kevin Reilly said “there is no X Factor USA without Simon Cowell”,  which suggests his leaving sealed the fate of the programme. Simon even said in his statement that he made his decision last year. To be honest, I doubt it would have had FOX’s backing anyway. The ratings for the last series were terrible with it barely reaching six million the whole series.

Also, it is clear that Simon’s decision was primarily made because of his impending fatherhood. He wants to focus on one show as he will have a son by then. However, I assumed he would be raising the child in the US because the mother is American and Simon lives there. So this shows that they are planning on relocating.

All I can say is YAAAAY! I did enjoy the show without Simon because I loved Nicole Scherzinger but I think his return will help the show so, so much and I cannot wait to see what happens.


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