The Carrie Diaries Season 2

Express Yourself

So the second season of The Carrie Diaries wrapped last week and I have to say, despite my reservations following a week first season, this was much better and I really enjoyed it.

The show is very cheesy and sweet but in a rom-com way that I love. I think AnnaSophia Robb is perfect as Carrie and she is a far more well-rounded character this time around. I disliked her in the first season because she was so whiny and kept breaking up with Sebastian for pathetic reasons. Now, she has grown-up, lost her virginity and fought her dad over going to college. She is more feisty and has more bite which makes her far more interesting.

This series has been great for lining up Carrie as we saw her in Sex and the City. We left her in New York City, with no college education, a waitressing job and living with Samantha Jones. So it isn’t a stretch to see her writing a column about sex, especially as earlier in this series, we saw her considering writing a paper on sex for her creative writing class.

Win Some, Lose Some

I think the friendships and characters were more fleshed out and believable this time around. They had better chemistry and were fun to watch. The dialogue was wittier too and tongue-in-cheek at times. I liked the unlikely friendship between Donna LaDonna and Mouse.

I had reservations about Lindsey Gort, who plays the young Samantha Jones. She portrays her very well except she doesn’t use a British accent, which was a major problem for me. I ended up really liking her although she was pretty two dimensional in that she only cared about sex and men. We only started to see her deeper feelings later on.

I knew Carrie and Sebastian would end up together during the show but I really hoped they wouldn’t. They weren’t good for each other and I thought Weaver was a much better fit. However, I was still gutted when they break up yet again- presumably for good this time.

Although it has been a much stronger season I still have a feeling it won’t get renewed this time around. The series never managed to surpass the 1 million viewers mark which is very poor and I will be amazed if the CW think it is worthwhile.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be that gutted if it did get cancelled because I think it ended in a good place which tied into SATC and made sense. The minor things haven’t been answered are- Carrie never sees her family in SATC, so what happened between now and then? Why did she stop living with Samantha? Why do we never see Walt, Mouse or Maggie in SATC? Does Carrie ever go to college? What does she do after her waitressing job? These are little niggles that need to be answered for it to have a proper conclusion.

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