Nooo! Zac Efron confirms rehab story


It was revealed last week that Zac Efron had checked into rehab five months ago due to substance abuse, including cocaine and MDMA. At the time, it was just “sources” that spoke about the story so I didn’t believe it. It did have actual, named people talking about it so I didn’t think it was particularly reliable. Also, I’m a big Zac fan, so I hoped it wasn’t true.

However, it is definitely true as Zac has taken to his WhoSay account to thank his fans for their support.

Here’s what it said: “Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks…means the world to me. Love you guys! – Z”

I can’t believe this is actually true! I didn’t believe it at first and I still have trouble getting my head around it now. He just seemed so clean-cut and such a nice guy that you wouldn’t expect this kind of thing. I would love to know more about his troubles because I don’t understand right now.

Luckily, he is clearly doing well and the rehab did the trick. Besides a relapse on the set of Neighbors (apparently), Zac is now happy and healthy. Clearly- nobody knew about it until months later. I bet he is gutted that everyone knows now- but at least he is aware of how much his fans love him and are supporting his recovery. I love Zac!

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