Why I hope Miley isn’t in a relationship with Mike Will Made It


The rumour mill has paired Miley Cyrus up with her producer friend, Mike Will Made It. I really hope it isn’t true and that the media are just jumping on whoever she is close with now that she has split from Liam Hemsworth.

The main reason why is that they work so closely together. He has worked a lot on her upcoming album, BANGERZ, they hang out a lot and she has featured on his debut single. If they did date, things could get awkward. You would be together all the time and if anything went wrong, you would still have to work together. Bad plan.

For her Terry Richardson photoshoot.

For her Terry Richardson photoshoot.

Also, Miley is so busy right now, that she couldn’t possibly have time for a new relationship. She just got out of a three year relationship. She was even engaged! I think the main reason they broke up was because of her work ethic (plus controversial antics), so there isn’t much point in starting something just before your album comes out. I know that Liam has been spotted with another woman already but I don’t feel as strongly about that.

Mike Will is a 24-year-old producer who has worked on hip hop since 2007. The songs are recognise in his discography are Pour It Up by Rihanna, Kisses Down Low by Kelly Rowland and We Can’t Stop by Miley. He is releasing his debut album this year with his debut single, 23, featuring Miley, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

Judging by the pictures they constantly post, they are clearly good friends who enjoy each other’s company. I just hope that’s all it is because dating someone you work closely with is never a good idea.

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