Nicki Minaj has some major underboob in tiny jacket



Does Nicki Minaj realise she is appearing on day time TV?! I certainly hope she changed before speaking to Ellen DeGeneres!

I don’t think the Moschino jacket was supposed to worn with such exposed breasts. If that is the style then Nicki shouldn’t wear it because her boobs are far too big! The jacket has the buttons to be done up properly, but Nicki just fastened the top one and left it gaping for major boob action!

I do think it’s weird. Her boobs are totally exposed and from a side angle, the paps have managed to get a nip slip shot. That’s hardly surprising since she wasn’t exactly trying hard to cover them in the first place.

She has never been shy of showing off her breasts and there’s no wonder why- they’re enormous. And considering she isn’t wearing any support, I’m impressed how pert they are.

This outfit doesn’t strike me as sexy because it is a blatant attempt at being attention seeking and revealing her body. Call me a prude, but she looks very sexier with an ample cleavage shot than an entire underboob (and occasional nipple!) shot. You’re already hot, Nicki, stop trying so hard!

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