Britney’s Vegas residency isn’t selling well: Why I’m not surprised


Reports suggest that Britney Spears’ two-year residency in Las Vegas has not got off to a very good start. Tickets went on sale four days ago and hardly any of them are sold out.

The first block of shows at Planet Hollywood from 27th December until the end of February are available and, if you head to Ticketmaster, none of the performances are sold out although news reports indicate otherwise.

I’m not surprised by this because Britney is not a good live act. She probably won’t sing live and if she does, it will be weak and reliant upon a backing track. I love Britney but I have never paid to see her live because I don’t think she is worth the money. The cheapest tickets are $66 (£41), which isn’t bad but those are for seats right at the very back. The most expensive ticket is $194 (£121) including fees! No singer is worth that kind of money, especially not someone like Brit Brit.


If you compare this to Celine Dion and Shania Twain, who have both had residencies in Vegas, it looks real bad. Both of them sold out their first lot of tickets quickly. I think their situation is different- they have both been singers for a long time and have proven vocal talent live. Nobody wants to pay a ton of money for someone who can’t sing well. I also think Britney just hasn’t been around long enough for her residency to be a massive sell. Singers like Celine and Shania aren’t releasing new music anymore. They’ve had their day and are happy singing their old tunes for beloved fans.

Britney is different in that she is still current (or trying to be) and is releasing music, so you could probably see her perform on your TV (for free) in the near future. Her new tracks are dance-heavy and spoken, so there isn’t much point in seeing that live and her old favourites will end up being her holding the mic out for the audience to sing along.

I wonder if Planet Hollywood will keep her for the entire two year duration. She is only contracted to 50 shows a year, so that’s not much and she is being paid $15 (£9) million per year. I wonder what investors are thinking right now. I just hope she puts on a good show for the loyal fans who have paid for a ticket.

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