Why I feel sorry for Liam Hemsworth


I feel sorry for Liam Hemsworth, I really do. When he met Miley Cyrus on the set of The Last Song back in 2010, I doubt he knew he was going to be in for such a media frenzy.

He isn’t the type. He doesn’t like all this media attention whereas Miley covets is and craves it. With her, it is just controversy after controversy to the extent where the media report on everything Miley does which means Liam cannot escape the circus that surrounds her.

They got engaged a year ago but even then, they were dodging questions about wedding details. It seemed rocky from that point onwards and it always had the interest of the media. We were always keeping an eye on Miley’s ring finger to see if she was wearing her engagement ring. Liam clearly wanted no part of this, all he cared about was his movies and he didn’t talk about his private life. He kept a very low profile whereas Miley is very public all the time- especially now she is promoting new music.



Personally, I think their relationship has been suffering ever since Miley began working on her upcoming album, BANGERZ. She admitted in interviews that she was solely focussed on that and nothing else had her attention. Now that she is releasing music and promoting it, she seems only concerned about her fans and how her music is doing. She is a singer, so that is understandable but I think her relationship with Liam came down very low on her list of priorities.

She is travelling a lot at the moment for promotion and he is on location wherever for weeks at a time, so the distance would certainly be an issue. I would also imagine that he doesn’t agree with her new shocking tactics, from her sexual new image to her controversial performances (VMAs anyone?) I reckon he would be embarrassed but I have a feeling he can’t stop her. She does want she wants. In my eyes, Liam wants an easy life away from the public eye and being with Miley makes that impossible.

So I wasn’t surprised when they finally announced they had split. Liam didn’t handle it very well though. Seeing the pictures of him kissing Mexican TV star, Eiza Gonzalaz, in Vegas makes me mad. If he had kept a low profile following the announcement, he might have been able to lose the media’s interest. If he is in a relationship with Eiza, he should have kept it quiet because he won’t get any peace now. Now he seems like the bad guy, whereas before people were probably sympathetic.

Everyone seemed shocked because he is kissing someone so close after his split, but let’s be honest here. They probably split AGES AGO. The last time we saw them publicly was in August and even then, they didn’t seem great. They may have just been keeping up appearances here but my guess is that they have been apart for around a month before the official confirmation. He has still moved on quickly but I honestly don’t blame him. He probably feels free and wants to celebrate.

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